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Overnight Cage-FREE Boarding

Who watches your dog when you can't be home for them? 

Consider boarding with us! A spacious, safe place that your pup already associates with FRIENDS and FUN! Our expert Caretakers are certified in Emergency Pet First Aid, and provide round-the-clock companionship for even the most anxious of pups!  

We have a cozy, at-home bedroom setup for those dogs who like to sleep with their hoomans, and private "suites" for those who prefer their own space. We will do our best to replicate your dog's morning and evening routines, walk times, mealtimes and home environment (you can bring their bedding, favorite toys, a shirt that smells like you), and we will make it a fun "staycation" for them, too, complete with active games, basic training reinforcement, and playtime with other boarding pups!

Basic Requirements

STEP ONE: Register your pup in our system (see the pink button below) and email your dog's vaccination records to


STEP TWO: To ensure a peaceful and safe stay for your pup, we require new boarding dogs to book at least one half-day of daycare. This trial costs 30.00, and is a short "test run" to make sure your dog will feel safe and enjoy their stay with us. You can schedule your trial for any 5-hour block between 9AM and 6PM, weekdays. After drop off, you will be asked to remain nearby for the first hour in the (very unlikely) event that you need to pick your dog up early. At our discretion, a second half-day may be required, though this is extremely rare. Our goal is to make sure your dog's stay with us is a wonderful, fun and safe experience!

We require current Rabies, DHLPP, Canine Flu and Bordetella vaccines, and that all dogs over 6 months be neutered and be current on an anti-parasite, anti-flea treatment.

New Customers







Boarding Pricing:

$75 per night - one dog in household, includes daycare

Sibling Discount 50% OFF

Drop Off and Pick Up times can be arranged with us when you book. Each night of boarding includes daytime playtime with our daycare pups that day, so if your dog is with us for three nights and you drop her off the morning of the first night, then pickup must be the morning after the last night booked, unless you want to add daycare. 

Includes all meals and walks given on a schedule (you provide your dog's regular pet food), expert supervision, monitoring, companionship and care. ​

$20.00 additional Holiday fee for all services on the following dates:

Nov 24

Dec 24

Dec 25

Dec 31

Jan 1


Frozen Kongs: $5

Bath, blow-dry, brushing  (done by our staff): $40

One-on-one Canine Massage Session (approx 30mins): $25


"A tired dog is a happy dog"

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