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Small Group Walks

Small group walks. 2 or 3 dogs max at a time.

20 minutes: $16

30 minutes: $20

60 minutes: $29


Puppy Package

New puppy or wee pad trained dog? We can drop by and spend time with your pup, change their pad, refill their water, feed him/her, support potty training and basic training, and help socialize the youngster when ready for outside walks!

Price: $30 per day, two visits per day spaced out evenly, to support young minds and bladders, LOL!

Additional Charges:

  • Additional Dog in Household: +$7

  • Evenings/Early Mornings (6pm - 9am) +$7

  • Weekend (Walking) +$7

  • Holiday (Walking) +$15

  • Short Notice Requests (after 9pm the night prior) + $7

Are you a dog foster parent? Let us know - we give discounts to local dog rescue foster parents!

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