We have two large dog-play areas. One in the front for small/and

low-activity dogs & one space in the back for the larger, play-intense doggos. We also have the ability to separate dogs in both areas.

Full day care includes 2 walks.

Need pickup & drop off? Rates start at $5.00 each way!

Basic Requirements

Before your dog can begin, all dogs must come by for a temperament

test to ensure they will get along with other dogs in daycare.

Some things to think about - has your dog been in daycare before?

Does your dog like off-leash hours and/or the dog park?

If so, he or she will probably be a good fit for daycare!

The Department of Health requires that all animals be up-to-date with vaccinations including rabies, distemper (DHPP) and bordetella vaccinations. We must have physical proof of up to date vaccines.


We also ask you use a flea & tick preventative.

All dogs older than 6 months must be spayed/neutered.

New Customers

We use a secure scheduling app, Gingrapp. Click below to get started.

Already registered?

Daycare Options:

$43.00 - Full Day

drop anytime from 9 AM - pickup before 5PM.

$26.00 Half Day

Morning: Drop 9 AM - Pickup 1PM

Afternoon, Drop 12PM - Pickup 4PM

Saturday Day Care CLOSED for COVID

We'll be open 9 - 5. You can do hourly or full day.

First hour $10 & each hour after is $5.00

Full day $50.00

Pickup & Drop Off Rates:

Zone 1 (10 min walk or less) $5.00

Zone 2 (10 - 15 min walk) $7.00

Zone 3 (15 min+): Contact us for pricing

"A tired dog is a happy dog"


We are located in South Slope at 576 3rd avenue between 15th & 16th street.

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Call/Text: 718-503-1864

Covid-19 Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm

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