We have two spacious, indoor dog runs where we can group the pups according to size and temperament. All our  daycare pups are given access to water, food & treats as provided by you, and relief walks as needed. We supervise and ENGAGE with our dogs at ALL times! Our team will send you multiple photos & videos from your dog's time with us, and you have an open text channel of communication with us at all times! 

Basic Requirements

STEP ONE: Register your pup in our system (see the pink button below) and email your dog's vaccination records to


STEP TWO: To ensure the most fun and safe environment for your dog, we require new daycare dogs to book a half-day trial. This trial costs 30.00, and is a short "test run" to make sure your dog will feel safe and enjoy their time with our crew. You can schedule your trial for any 5-hour block between 8AM and 6PM, weekdays. After drop off, you will be asked to remain nearby for the first hour in the (very unlikely) event that you need to pick your dog up early.


At our discretion, a second half-day may be required, though this is extremely rare. Our goal is to make sure your dog's time with us is a wonderful, fun and safe experience!

We require current Rabies, DHLPP and Bordatella vaccines, and that all dogs over 6 months be neutered. We also require a current Canine Influenza vaccine, and that all dogs be treated for fleas, ticks and parasites. 

Once you register your pup in our system (see the pink button below) - we will reach out to schedule your half-day  trial. We look forward to meeting you!

New Customers

You can register your pup and tell us what you need by clicking or tapping below to get started!

Daycare Pricing:

$50.00 - Full Day

Drop anytime from 8 AM - pickup by 6 PM.

$30.00 - Half Day

Any 5-hour slot between 8 AM to 6 PM

$50.00 - Weekend Day Care

Drop off 12:30 PM - Pickup by 5 PM

We may be able to arrange transport to and from our

daycare by foot. or by car. Add $5-$15 one way, based on distance. 

$20.00 additional Holiday fee for all daycare on the following dates:

Nov 24

Dec 24

Dec 25

Dec 31

Jan 1


Frozen Kongs: $5

Bath, blow-dry, brushing  (done by our staff): $40

One-on-one Canine Massage Session (approx 30mins): $25


VIP MEMBERSHIP (coming soon!)

If you are back at the office, or just need to have a quiet place to focus on your work at home, the monthly VIP Membership package is for you! 


"A tired dog is a happy dog"