Self-Serve Dog Wash 

Give your dog a bath!

We have a place to get your dirty dog clean, without getting your clean bathroom dirty.

Our self-service dog wash stations are convenient, super sanitary, and easy-to-use. Best of all, you can leave the mess with us. No more muddy paws on the carpet or dog-hair in the tub, gross! We provide all your need. Each station has, Buddy Rinse lavender shampoo/conditioner & its own force dryer. We offer waterproof aprons for the humans, towels, brushes, furminators and more!

All sizes & coat lengths: $20


A Full Bath, blow-dry, brushing, eyes and ear cleaning, and nail trim (done by our staff): $50

If you dog is already with us for daycare, get him a bath by us for $40! ~ save $10!

TO RESERVE A SPOT, Text us at 646-377-1575 or  just stop by. We will be here to assist you!

"My fashion philosophy is, if you're not covered in dog hair, your life is empty."